tea light candles with coloured flames

beautiful faerie flames to brighten your table

When I saw these gorgeous little tea lights I couldn’t believe my eyes. Does it really do what it says on the tin? Well yes actually it does, but it’s not a tin so much as a box. You get six of these little lights and they are in lovely glass holders so you can re-use them. We like to bring you ethical quality. These really are very special, the coloured flames are Red Green and Orange and have a much longer burning time than the standard tea light.  Made from special, water soluble crystals these gems are unscented, safe and non-toxic. They do not contain paraffin wax or animal fat, so can be used by vegetarians.

Place the tea light candle on a flat, non-heat sensitive surface, as the holders do get quite hot. Remember not to place them near a draught as this will cause them to burn away more quickly. Before lighting make sure to straighten the wick, and light it from the bottom not the top, as this will extend the burning time. never trim the wick. Darken the room for the best effect and in a few minites your candle will burn with a coloured flame you will love. In the right conditions your tea light will burn for approx 1 hour.

Always ensure you burn candles out of reach of children and pets, and away from anything flammable. Do not use them in oil burners or food warmers. It is not safe to move a tea light while it is burning as it is hot liquid and could spill. However if you do spill it, remember that these candles are water soluble and are dissolved by water. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any spills. And just to remind you, no matter how distracted you get, never leave a burning candle unattended.

What could be more romantic and Magical?  Here at The Wishing Tree  we like to bring you that little bit of something special and out of the ordinary, so also from the same suppliers there are more in the range. Taper Candles in boxes of 2 in Red, Purple, Orange and Green. Cute little Birthday Cake Candles in Boxes of 12, which are guarenteed to bring the WOW!! Factor to your Birthday Party. Something for everyone.

Light up the Majick in your home

Love and Light



Giraffe Mug at The Wishing Tree

Huge Giraffe Coffee Mug buy online from The Wishing TreeBone China cup and saucer from the Konitz range from Germany at The Wishing Tree

I really am not sure where the saying comes from…Mugs Away…..lets Google it….Losers to start! An announcement to prompt the beginning of a new game in which the losers of the last are given the chance to start. Originally a phrase from the game of darts. So there you go….and I found the answer here.   Amazing what you can find out hey ??….That has absolutely no referance to my kind of Mugs but lets not dwell on that. It inspired me to take to my keyboard today so I guess thats good enough.  I happened upon this new Company at the Spring Fair this year at the NEC. Konitz are a German Company, with 100 years of mug making experience, I guess they know what they’re doing by now. They certainly impressed me at the Trade Fair, I had trouble deciding what to bring to The Wishing Tree. The Megga Mug in the photo above was my first choice. Being known locally as the Giraffe Lady, it was a “must have” and needing cups of coffee by the bucket load to get me through my hectic days, Size deffinately matters….this Big Mug holds enough caffine to wake up my world…..In the same design I plumped for a more normal size of mug too, for the not so desperate coffee drinker. They are all made from quality Bone China, so great for when the posh friends and relatives come to visit. My second favorite has to be the Teddy Bear cup and saucer, Konitz simply call it Honey. It’s almost big enough to hold a tea party in, and the Mad Hatter would deffinately be happy to have it on his table.

Cats…..did someone mention the Pur..fect cup for a brew is a cat cup…..here you go then, all the cat lovers out there, I know I have several pussy cat collectors amongst the regular visitors to The Wishsing Tree, so this little red number with a pencil drawing of a cat should keep you happy. And what else do we associate with The Wishing Tree then?? Yes I also chose Fairy Princess Hearts, and Elephants and Butterflies…..all available in the shop or online….Saving the sweetest til last “Sorry” yes a mug that says sorry, fill it with the Creamy Hot Chocolate and Cuddle up with the best appology possibe….its a Snuggle Mug, and it has  Zebra and a Giraffe on it too…..
I think the girl did good, don’t you?
Or maybe I just need another brew….
Love and Light and Lovely Mugs ….with the Aahhhh factor of course,
monkey business at The Wishing Tree

we have been having a bit of a monkey around with google adwords

Mastering the art of creating the perfect Google Adword advert is not quite as easy as it seems. Luckily I was fortunate enough to be gifted a £50 google adwords voucher for a few weeks of free pay per clicks…..Monkey business right enough….needless to say my funds are somewhat depleated and I have not been finding it quite the easiest pussy cat to tame.  It hasn’t been a total disaster mind you I have had a couple of “Google Ad” generated sales, but not exactly in the running for the next Millionare 0f the month awards…….

I think having such a vast range of products on the website may be the crux of our problem, where do you start and what do you target?  However I must say that we are proud of the diversity of our product selection and have recieved  heaps of wonderful comments from visitors to the Online Shop. It’s a big shopping street out there on the World Wide Web and I often try to visualise all the online stores out there, in a line on a high street…..what a thought, how long do you reckon it would take to walk that road??  And come to think of it, how much shoe leather do you think you would get through?

What is the secret to a good Google Adword advert then? The mystery remains unsolved to me…..I started by going for one of our best selling lines….The Jellycat Collectable Soft toys, can’t fail, surely? You bet your sorry ass it can….carefully selected heading and content, perfect link back to the page online, brilliantly selected keywords, as per instructed…..get set for the sales to roll on in…..beginners luck and on the second day we get an order for a Cordy Roy Cat.….wicked…..maybe not, as that where it peaked. Back to the drawing board, make a few changes, checkout the competition, introduce a few discounted promotions and here we go again…It’s all quite time consumeing and a bit mind bending, so I paused that ad and decided to take a side step with a Jewellery Ad…we have some absolutely fantastic Amber pieces newly listed, they had to be the perfect option…….not realising how high the competition would be in the jewellery market, I was well out of my depth here….the cost of each pay per click was too much for a little small fry like us……Collectable Dog Figurines was the next Ad for the pot of luck I was trying to stir……big mistake here, as the keywords I was targeting, were being used for buyers looking for the real live animal, not a cute  little ceramic.….sadly my funds were going down fast…..so I decide to go back to the beginning and Jellycat it again, a few different tactics but to no avail…..

I have now decided  to draw a line under it  all  for the time being and maybe  concentrate on some more SEO stuff and some more networking and leave the complex stuff to the big boys. I am sure there is a secret formula to crack with the whole Google Adwords generated websales thing, but I need to re-group my thoughts before the next round and do a bit of research.

If anyone has any secrets to share my ears are always open to advice……

Love and Light my friends



New Season Special Edition Bashful Bunny from Jellycat

Tese 3 special edition bunnies from the Jellycat Bashful Range at The Wishing Tree

Glad to say that we have  slightly less inclement weather this week. The recent sunshine is bringing with it the first of the Daffodils and Ive even seen a few Baby Bunnies about. I don’t know about you but I feel a little more like getting out and about to see whats new in the shops for the Season ahead. I have had a bit of a buying frenzy so needless to say The Wishing Tree is some what full of Wonderful New Things.
As some of you may  know I am  bit of a Facebook Fanatic, and I have set up a page for The Wishing Tree as well as my own personal page. So if you would like to add me as a friend then please feel free and become a fan too. You can also share this with friends who you think may be interested.
So more about the new stock….I am working at getting some of it on the website, so those of you who are website customers from further afield, can also be part of the fun.
Jellycat have brought out some New Lines and we have quite a few of them, loads of Bunnies just in time for Easter, so forget the chocolate eggs and get the kids a Scrummy Bunny instead, check out the Special Editions on the website and in the shop.
We are seeing an increasing number of Children in the shop now, yes we are child friendly, bring the little ones in, we have a new range of affordable, pocket money jewellery for children, both boys and girls, good quality and just what the kids love, loads of choice. Prices start at 69p.
Fab new range of Greetings Cards, and some wickedly funny fridge magnets for 99p too.
Saving the best till last….Megga Lots of new Fashion Jewellery, just what we all want now, chunky wooden beads in bright colours, button beads, bright coloured shell pieces, loads of bracelets too, charm style and chunky, fashion earings….it’s endless. has been very popular so far and easy to find something to compliment every outfit. Still doing lots of the Silver, Gemstone and Amber ranges too.
OK then that’s enough from me….go put the kettle on and think about it all.
Quick reminder to those who have been thinking of having a party, give me a call and make a date, there has never been a better time to book your slot as we have so much to offer you and your friends
Love and Light as always

cleansing smudge stick

can't get by with out one

After  listing our new stock of Smudge Sticks online in our website shop, bright spark here  thought….”I’ll just Twitter the link with a little Question…..Do you need a smudge stick?? “  Ever get that thought….”wish I’d never asked”….that was the one….My Twitter account  automatically posts to My Facebook profile…..where I have an assortment of Friends, Family, Customers and Business Networking  buddies….There’s also a saying  “your friends will never let you down”….they didn’t. The comments on my Facebook profile made me chuckle big time…. 

“Er, dunno what I have done all my life without one!! Lol….”….you need a little bit of edg-u-m-catin my darlin…..
“Will it rub out the bits I don;t like?”….a bit closer to the mark but not in the same context I thought.
So I set about the task of enlightening the slightly under informed, in the hope that we have a rush on the new stock….lol!!
On the back of the very informative packaging is written…..these  smudge sticks  are made with sage from New Mexico. All sticks are wrapped with 100% cotton yarn for safe and healthful burning. Each ingredient is concidered a sacred herb used for centuries by Native Americans in their “smudging” ceremonies. Smudging is the name given to the burning of these herbs for the purposes of cleansing and sending out prayers. Today people are smudging to recieve the benifits known to generations of our Native American Brothers and Sisters. ….How to use….Light the end of the sage stick and when it is fully ignited, extinguish the flame and direct the smoke around yourself, another person or around the room. You can use a feather to direct the smoke, this is the prefered method, to purify the energy. The smoke from your sage stick may also be directed as an invocation honoring the four directions, The Father, Sun and The Mother Earth (Father Mother God). When you have completed your smudging extinguish your stick completely and allow to cool.
So in answer to the Question Do You Need a Smudge Stick..?   Of course you do…..
If you pop into The Wishing Tree sometime we can give you a full demo and you can see and feel the benifits. We also stock other things with the  Native American Theme, as well as other spiritual, mystical and magical items. Always happy to share advice too.
Love and Light
Love me love my dog
Love me love my dog

It’s a super sunny morning where we are just now, if it’s the same for you then no excuse but to throw back the duvet and spring into action. If you are a dog owner what better than a refreshing early morning walk in the crisp cold frost??……Ahhhh… I can think of several things…..like a nice hot cuppa coffee, back in the warmth of my nice cosy bed….ha ha!!!!   you go walk the blasted dog….I’m stoppin here!!!

My ideal dog would be one that could be content with a quick sniff round the back garden while the kettle boiled, followed by a few dog biscuits at the bottom of the bed, while I curled up with a good book and thought about getting up later.  Afternoon walks would be my strong point. Hmmmm….thats possibly why I have cats and not dogs….they are so much more understanding.  I am however thinking about a new cannine addition to the family and have pondered over different breeds to suit our lifestyle. She would have to be small (she…you may ask?? Hey we already have too much testosterone in this house….I ain’t bringing any more in). She would need to be tollerant of small boys, cats, and noise. She would never be lonely as I could bring her to work with me and have her here in the shop, where she would be able to set up her own little home from home as I do. Perfect….or is it? I still ain’t convinced so a dog is still a “yes we’ll get a dog when the time is right” kinda thought.
I have been wavering just lately though with all the new stock of Puppy Dog Collectables coming into the shop. They are all now loaded onto the website along with the Ceramic Relief Mugs, also in a selection of Breeds. They make great gifts for all sorts of occassions, so take a peek and see if there’s one there for you.
Guess I better get shifted now, Hey??
Happy dog walking you lot…..I may be joining you for a stroll when the weather gets a bit warmer….
Love and Light
don't let the weather stop you kissing

don't let the weather stop you kissing

It has been Snowing again, just in case you hadn’t opened the curtains and realised it yet.  Don’t let that stop you feeling all warm and romantic though, Tuesday marks the first day of February and that means only 2 weeks til the Weekend of Love.  Valentines is the perfect time to fill your home with hearts, forget the Red Roses they’re far too expensive, Hearts are one of our specialities. Create the mood with something from our loving selection, Hearts always available Online and in Store  so no excuses. Us girls always like something sparkly in a box, so get your mind above your navel chaps and think a bit more along the lines of  this little number.  You might be thinking that this is a little bit early for Valentines Shopping, are you one of those last minite Guys?? Now that could be taken in more than one context too, but keep it clean please!!   So back to that Snowy weather I was talking about….maybe a holiday in the sun woud be a perfect idea to warm you up on this chilly willy morning, so get your little shivering body out from under the covers and do something about it. Just as a little hint for the lucky lover you could wrap up a little pressie like this one maybe??  

Anyway…..have lots of fun in the Snow today and keep The Wishing Tree in mind when you do decide to get the Perfect Gift sorted, if you live local to our Shop in Long Stratton Norfolk, we are gonna be having an Open Night on Wednesday 10th of Feb, so come along and give us a look. We will be giving away the  ususal free glass of wine and we have a special chance for you to get your Love Predictions read by our Favorite Tarot Lady. More Details to follow on that one.

Chill Willy Snowy Wishes then,  Bye for now…



Short Blog just to let you know that we have Giraffes in abundance. Drive past the window and see them all looking back at you. We have Tall ones Short ones, Wooden ones, cuddly ones. So stop off in Long Stratton in the next few days and give us a look for you Christmas Shopping Ideas.  Also remember that we are having our Open Evening on the 9th December so pop along in the evening between 6.30pm and 9.30pm for an evening of fun and bargains, with 10% discount too.

Giraffes for sale in Norfolk
Giraffes for sale in Norfolk

So we look forward to seeing you soon

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

‘ Tis The Season To Be Jolly!!!

Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho!!!

The Christmas lights have all been officially switched on now, and the shops and streets are all filling up with bustling Christmas Present hunters. What a jolly time we are all in for again this year. So what is new on the Gift scene this year??

Shopping Online…….Yes…..Exactly….avoid all the bustle and pushing and queuing up, pull up a chair and sit by the fire with a festive tipple and let the postman do all the running.  There is everything and more, from Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him, something for Mum and don’t forget Dad. Heaps of things for that special friend, and the one that always sends you something funny, to make you smile on Christmas Morning.  Something cuddly for the little ones, soft toys from Jellycat and Jellykitten will always please.  Who do you know that believes in Angels??  Comforting crystals are Oh so popular.  Catseye London have some great gift sollutions……. And thats just our Website…  The Wishing Tree can help make your online shopping wishes come true.

The other way to avoid the crowds is to shop small and shop local.  The Wishing Tree is in the Friendly little village of Long Stratton, the shop is only a few steps from the Cental Parking and it is a little Aladins Cave of Gift ideas for you and your Family. All of the above and a whole lot more, we reward your support  with a Loyalty Card Bonus, so if you are in the area come and give us a look for Christmas 2009.  We will be open late on Wednesday December 9th until 9.30 pm for a Christmas Shopping Evening, with 10% discount.

big cuddly bear

big cuddly bear

from the range of jellycat and jellykiten toys

from the range of jellycat and jellykiten toys

Bustle avoidence techniques, a sign of the times,

Merry  Christmas


The Wishing Tree


Halloween Open Shopping Night

Come and see us in the shop on the Evening of Friday 30th October

we will be open from 6.30pm til 9.30pm for you.

With a Halloween Theme, come and join us for some Witches Brew and Spooky


while you browse our extensive range of wonderful Jewellery, Gifts and


Tarot reader available too,

hope you can make it, 

 please bring a friend and feel free to forward this e-mail to friends who may like to join us too.

We are always updating our website so click on the link below and have a preview

of whats New in Stock




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