You may think this is a bit of a dodgy  Blog subject for a Coffee Shop owner, but read on and it will take you places, maybe some you can relate to…..

You got up late, grabbed a quick cuppa whilst throwing on your clothes, half done make-up and out the door. Your lippy and hairspray are in the car to be applied at an appropriate set of traffic lights and the first comfort fix of the day is the stomach settling chocolate bar you remembered to lift before grabbing your keys. Is that you? Because it certainly fits me.

I’m neither psychologist nor biologist, so the questions which follow are thrown open to experts and others alike.  I have always wondered if our eating habits are triggered by a chemical action or a mentally stimulated reaction or just plain old bad planning. Whatever excuse you care to make the outcome, for me anyway isn’t good.

So the morning confectionary hits the spot and kick starts the day with a high, the brain springs into action, you now look and feel fantastic, by the time you clock on there’s no stopping you. So what is actually happening inside at this precise moment? (calling all experts) my interpretation is:- the stomach says “satisfied” the brain says “happy” but sadly as we all know the crash has already begun to take place. Mrs Organised meanwhile, (oh did I forget to mention her before?)  well…. that’s her that got up early enough to look gorgeous before leaving the house, having popped something wonderful in the slow-cooker for supper, walked the dog and prepared a wholesome packed lunch….excuse me while I sigh loudly….Mrs I can sit through a meeting without being embarrassed by a rumbling tummy, while the chocolate munching Queen crashes slowly but surely behind an awkward smile, planning the next quick fix……. handy the chippy is just down the road.

Busy lives, working wives, snack munching Mums late for school, whatever the reason it’s the rollercoaster of a daily eating disaster zone.  We all know it’s not good but how can we change? Enter the psychologist, no not me, I was too busy eating chocolate to pay attention in lessons.  Answers hidden on the inside of a confectionary wrapper…..oh and maybe behind  a silly smile that tells of a naughty secret.

It will take it’s toll, I have seen that in some of my more senior relatives. I may be getting away with it now at the sweet young age of just Forty something but give it a few years and I will be saying….”if only”….In our Autumn years we tend to lose our appetite and go for the sweeter things which are usually  the quick filling things too, I see them with a couple of pieces of cake on their plates for tea, the savoury side of many diets has been substituted over the years and now only sugar packed pickings manage to stir a smile on their faces at meal times.  Trying to excite the palate with meat and a few veg just isn’t happening….now it’s  definately swaying towards the psychological, don’t you think? You can’t beat a nice hunk of Victoria Sponge or a slab of Lemon Drizzle. And these days at The Wishing Tree …Cake is the name of the Game,  I think of it as a Passion for the sweeter things….Coming Home.

Diet will always be an emotive subject for debate, so next time you feel like  a comfort fix, just call into The Tree House at The Wishing Tree in Long Stratton Norfolk and let us show you the best route to “Satisfied”

Pass the sauce….Olivia xx

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