Valentines Day…celebrated by millions around the world spending lots of money on chocolates and gifts for their loved ones and attempting to go out for dinner if you have pre booked the night months in advance. Fantastic if you are in a relationship and you have a lovely day exchanging gifts and a night of good food and romance….as for the rest of us?? Well it can be a little depressing can’t it? But where did this day come from and why do we do it? Is there actually a wonderful love story or just another excuse for companies to sell more cards and chocolates??

There are many different versions of events and different stories for different religions of who Valentine was and what the story was that has made Valentines day a globally recognized event. There are various accounts of Valentine being a priest that married couples in secret because the Romans thought men being single would create a better army. There was also the myth of a Valentine who in prison fell in love with the jailers daughter and on his execution left her a card-from your Valentine… Who knows what (if any) accounts are true.

So are you going to spoil your loved one? Chocolates, flowers and jewellery seem to be the trend for women. Here at The Wishing Tree we aren’t short of ideas! So why not get on board, so what if it is all a ploy to sell a few cards, if it makes people happy how can it be a bad thing? If you are single like me, grab your gal pals, get a take away and have a fantastic anti Valentines ;)

Much love from us all at The Wishing Tree xxxx