Why do things stop being fashionable and who decides? Give it 10 years and it will be the height of fashion again! The 2000’s haven’t really developed their own style yet, we keep stealing things from past years. Vintage is so popular at the moment with high street shops picking elements from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and 80’s.  However genuine vintage has taken off too! There seem to be more and more people who want the real deal. The 1950’s are when things started getting exciting and carved a huge following today of rockabilly and pin up styles.  Betty Page stirred up a huge fuss being a pin up bombshell and is now one of the most recognized faces of the 50’s!

Bettie Page 50's pin up

Twiggy and Mary Quant paved the way for fashion in the 60’s with the likes of  Topshop showcasing modern versions of 60’s dresses. If you want something a little more vintage you have to look hard for it. You can find some fantastic little gems in charity shops and backstreet boutiques. If you can find some vintage material and can work your way around a sewing machine it’s a great way to make a new item out of something old!

The 80’s were a crazy mix of shoulder pads, punks, skinheads and huge frizzy hair. Shoulder pads have made a huge comeback and famous faces like Lady Gaga drawing inspiration from the glitz and glam with her own futuristic approach is a perfect example of reviving old trends.

We have recently started our own vintage room here at The Wishing Tree. We are sourcing items for all over the place and customizing various different pieces. Some genuine and some modern. We have shoulder pads, high waisted skirts, brogues and some totally retro sunglasses on offer!! Even a hippy headband :)  Moral of the blog is that nothing really ever goes out of fashion, just gets a bit of a revamp every now and again! Whatever fashion you follow make it your own.

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