…….Mists of change
…..Scents of purpose
Let the sunshine in and lift your spirits naturally!
At The Wishing Tree we have just introduced these new calming scents in three different smells.
Successence, Wellnessence and Happinessence.  Here is a little bit of information about them as told by the creator Trisha Davies.
Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our five senses and we can make good use of it when we wish to make positive changes and establish new purpose in our lives.
We all know how evocative a scent or aroma can be, that it can strongly remind us of a special person, place or time in our lives, or make us feel good, or serve a warning to keep away from something not good for us, once the link or association has been learned.
It is widely believed that essential oils can have can influence on the way we feel. For instance, it is commonly known that lavender has a calming effect, and aromatherapies use different essential oils to help alleviate physical or emotional symptoms.
‘Successcents has come into being this year in response to a request for me to bottle the blend I have been using to good effect for several years in my tutoring. Students have said that having the aroma available during exam time has re-created the calm, confidence and concentration they experienced in my teaching sessions.
I have combined the essential oils in that blend with some thoughtfully selected flower essences to create ‘Successcence’. I have also developed a blend intended to positively influence well-being. – ‘wellessence’. and with similar intent – ‘happinessence’
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