New at The Wishing Tree we have our little Holistic Treatment room. The room is hired out to Independent practitioners to bring you a variety of healing and adds another little branch to our ever blossoming Tree. Sally Richards from a little local village has written me a guest blog to share with you below, giving you an insight of what she has to offer on a Wednesday morning. You can view her website and discover a little more about Sally and her practice too…when you decide that it’s the way forward for you, give us a call and make that life changing first appointment… over to Sally…..

Fascinated by the simplicity of matching a medicine to a picture of ill-health, when my family first used Homeopathy in 2004, I set out to learn more, and we never looked back. I find it incredibly rewarding to help patients return to good health and then to maintain it. I am passionate about sharing this natural, gentle and safe medicine, as others have before me for 200 years.

The new clinic is at The Wishing Tree, every Wednesday morning, from 9.30-1.30. Come along for a free 15 minute introductory consultation, and find out how Homeopathy could help you. Appointments are available at the Wishing Tree, as well as in my own office; please ask for further information.

Homeopathy helps my patients both physically and emotionally. Everyone deserves optimum health, well-being, and joy of life. Over the last 2 and a half years, my patients have been of all ages, with a great variety of conditions, including: migraines, eczema, asthma, and hormone problems, as well as stress, grief, anger and anxiety. Read about the positive effect others have experienced; patient testimonials are available on my website Patient confidentiality is respected at all times.

My patient-focused approach will choose a remedy just for you, to trigger your body’s natural system of healing. The details of your own symptoms, and how they feel to you personally, help to determine the medicine you need. For example, for three migraine patients, rather than prescribing the same ‘migraine medication’ to each of them, they may each receive a different remedy depending on their individual symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies work safely and successfully alongside prescribed medication; I am happy to discuss your progress with your healthcare team. As a fully qualified, professional practitioner, providing a unique plan of care, I treat my patients with the high standards I expect to receive myself.

Call 07730 515080 for a free 15 minute consultation,or email:

or you could call us at The Wishing Tree on 01508 536008

Why not try it?

I can speak from personal experience with regards to this form of medicine, Sally helped me recover from a very persistent cough after 3 unsuccessful courses of anti-biotics from my doctor, Sally’s remedy had me cough free with in a week. Other ailments which respond well to Homeopathy are IBS, especially when related to food allergy, Migraine, insomnia and skin problems….give your body a chance and give us a call….