How  many holes do you have to be bragging about??

Is it just a case of having too many ?

Do you think less is more?

Or is there never too many?

Questions, Questions, Questions? Wikipedia has a few answers for you.

piercings tattoo bloke

picture from Wikipedia of tattoo and piercings guy

As  a stockist of jewelery, and being a bit of a random, off the wall kind of shop, we decided last year to start selling a few bits of body jewelery to compliment the range. Personally I am just an earing and a belly bar person, so knowing what to stock was a bit of a learning curve. Think we are getting there now mind you. This is the back country of Norfolk, so getting folks to catch on is a bit of a challenge. Little village gift shop starts selling body jewellery….Oh Arrrr!! Maybe thats a bit harsh, don’t want to be upsetting my customers do I? It’s great to be able to cater for the wider market share actually, the diversity of my little gift shop makes it interesting to an extensive range of people and their shopping needs. All you need to do is look at our website to see the varied selection that we have on our shelves.

So back to Belly Bars…..OK so yes, as I said I have one …..the range we stock is interesting, Gothic, jewelled, Mystical to mention a few….something a bit different to grace your navel.

Whatever your taste or opinion, you have to admit that the guy in the picture just wouldn’t be getting a second glance without his added extras.

Go on make that appointment….get yourself a little something extra special….

We will be seeing you soon