When I was asked earlier in the year if I would be able to find a placement for a work experience student, I was in two minds weather to say yes or no. I had heard that it could be more trouble that it was worth, but far from it, my student has been a little Gem. I can dispell all the fear of giving these youngsters a first taste of the working world, and it is my pleasure to give our very keen little helper an opportunitity to share the highs and lows of working in retail for a week, and I can only hope she has enjoyed it as much as me, I can honestly say she has motivated me into doing more work than usual, we have achieved a great deal, and I have leant a few things too….so here you are, lets see what she has to share with you….

Here I am on Friday afternoon, this week has gone far too quickly, I have had such a lovely time working here at The Wishing Tree, I have gained many skills from this one week, working and meeting new people has been one of the biggest skills I have used. If only work experience was two weeks, being in the work place is a lot less stressful than being in school. There have only been highs from this week, I have enjoyed myself and feel that this week has gone so well. As you can see in the picture one of my tasks was to design a poster. The Wishing Tree is a very ethical shop and the poster is advertising fill a handbag for the ladies of Kosovo.  After a few hiccups Olivia was really pleased with the finished product and I felt quite good about it too. I was really pleased with what I had produced myself and for a really good cause. On my first day I learnt how to upload things to the website which was really interesting and something that I had not done before. I found this easy once I had got the hang of it, and confident to work on my own.  Here are some of the listings I did. On Wednesday I worked with another member of staff and we created a wonderful window display full of cats, I used my artistic skills to great succes as we sold something out of it straight away. I have helped with loads of things this week and Olivia has offered me a Saturday job over christmas. I am going to be really sad to leave today I have had a great time, I would like to say a big THANKYOU to Olivia for having me to work with her this week, and I hope that she has enjoyed this week as much as me !!!! xx

Yes I most certainly have enjoyed it, and I am confident that the other staff have too. I hope that you can show this blog entry to your teachers and fellow pupils in school, and I hope this and the poster can be used in your school profile. Good luck with writing your CV and be sure to put my name forward as a referance.

Love and Light