Stocking Filler Ideas

 Thank the Lord that my children are all at school now and I don’t have the dubious pleasure of taking them to the supermarket with me! My heart goes out to all the poor mums  with the little ones in the trolley seat, grabbing stuff off the shelves and filling the already overloaded barrow with attractively wrapped junk. Aren’t the manufacturers utterly brilliant at disguising complete rubbish as every child’s dream, and don’t you just know that once home it’ll more likely be in the bin before bedtime. Those advertising folk have alot to answer for…..
Being a child-free food shopper  I’m glad to say I avoided this expensive wastefulness at a time when we can all least afford it. The credit crunch is hitting so many of us, but the children (rightly) have little understaniing of the problems their parents may be facing. With Christmas well on the way now,  the reality of doing Christmas on a tight budget is hitting us all.

At our shop, we’re reacting to the current financial situation by trying to stock products that offer true value for money, yet still retaining that ‘quirky and unusual’ feel that we are so well known for. By shopping at The Wishing Tree in Long Stratton you can be sure that the recipient will be delighted, and probably dying to know where you got it from! Such a change from the bland feel of so many of the high street stores. You also have the peace of mind that we offer a no-quibble exchange policy on everything except earrings. Gift Vouchers are now available too for the truly awkward to buy for!!
By starting your shopping now, it spreads the load and gives you the pleasure of finding the right present without the expense of last minute panic buying. It also gives a wonderful sense of smug satisfaction…………!
Iv’e picked up a few Christmas stocking fillers which I will be squirelling away when I get home. If you are thinking of doing the same thing and getting ahead this year we have some very affordable little items just waiting for you.
So, a few ideas for under a fiver………..
Chocolate scented bunny keyring or belt fob for just £1.99,
Ceramic fairies any little girl will adore at £3.25,
Dreamcatchers starting at just £1.50, all sorts of hearts from £1.25,
VIVA Beads Earrings at £4.99,
CatsEye London purses at £4.25, and a wonderful array of crystals from 30p each which come in their own drawstring bag.

So come along to the shop, or visit our stall at one of the many events we will be attending, check it all out online at our website, or book a wishing tree party, where we can bring it all to you. For details of all the ways we can make your wishes come true look at the website, or give us a call on 01508 536008 or email me

Make this christmas the best one ever
Love and Light