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Fun and Spooky Halloween Nite

Halloween at Whe Wishing Tree

Did We Have Fun or What??
Our happy Halloween all got off to an early start last night, we had great fun in the shop, re-opening at 6pm and warming ourselves with Helen’s hot fruit punch until 10pm. Lauren from Norwich was here, reading Tarot, we all had a taste of what [...]

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They featured me on BTTradespace

I just recieved the newlook BTTradespace Newsletter and I see that there is a link which takes you  to me in the Community Spotlight.
It was great to see, and also at the end to see a few comments from a few of my BTT Buddies. I have had great fun since joining the communities on [...]

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Halloween And Hagstones

Hag stones and Halloween

Hag stones are a charm of folk magic that are found predominantly in European lore, and they are simply a stone with a hole in it. They are used to keep away hags or witches that may come a-knockin’ at night time. If you were to hang one on your bed [...]

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Olivia Docherty on how BT Tradespace is great for business

–>Posted 22 October 2008 at 9:12AM by Bian Salins in Community spotlight
Never one to miss out on a party – Beverley Gaynor from our Community team went to meet Olivia Docherty from The Wishing Tree to help her celebrate the businesses First Anniversary in September. Here [...]

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Book Tickets and get a Free Gift

The Ultimate Pamper Evening
Dunston Hall – Sunningdale Suite
Tuesday 28th October, 7 – 10.30pm
White Tulip Events would like to offer you an exclusive ticket promotion, where by when you book 3 tickets for the October evening, you will receive yours free.
The Ultimate Pamper evening is being held at Dunston Hall on Tuesday 28th October between 7pm [...]

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Stocking Filler Ideas

Thank the Lord that my children are all at school now and I don’t have the dubious pleasure of taking them to the supermarket with me! My heart goes out to all the poor mums  with the little ones in the trolley seat, grabbing stuff off the shelves and filling the already overloaded barrow with attractively [...]

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Giraffes in Norfolk

Where can you buy a giraffe in norfolk

Why would anyone want to buy a giraffe in Norfolk anyway?

Because they are so elegant and beautiful and they make great pets of course.
We have a reputation at The Wishing Tree for sending people off down the road with a giraffe in a box or a bag, wearing [...]

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Absolute Heaven


The Ultimate Ladies Pamper Evening

This event is being held on Tuesday 28th October 2008 7pm until 10.30pm at Dunston Hall near Norwich in the Sunningdale Suite.

The Origional Ultimate Pamper Evening is pure indulgence for ladies who love to shop and be pampered.
The event is hosting over 30 local companies with you and your home [...]

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Viva Beads at The Wishing Tree


“Live it Wear it”

Lori, mother of four daughters, and Jill, a single mother of two, came together with courage and belief that they could better thier lives. they held hands, committed to their vision and began building their business one step at a time. From a kitchen table-top company, the [...]

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